Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022 [Get Discovered More]


Hashtags are the best key to getting discovered on Instagram by your target audiences. Using the hashtags, you can find out what is trending in your industry, and not only that; you can stay up to date with other competitors on Instagram or any other social media.

With hashtags, you can quickly find information, products, and services you need. An excellent and related hashtag can make a higher engagement in your post. It means more conversation with other users.

Memes are one of the trendy posts on any platform. People love sharing and creating memes, and they always share this funny content with their beloved ones.

In our previous paper, we have talked about the best Meme Pages on Instagram. They are so popular, and they have lots of followers.

Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022

Now, here we want to share the best meme #Hashtags with you too:

  1. Follow them to find out the trendy meme posts.
  2. Use them in your posts if you are sharing a meme.

Hashtags are not just helpful to write in the comment or Instagram caption; they are fantastic to follow and see the best posts trends in the feed. So it is worth knowing the best of them for any category that we are interested in or want to share a post related to it.

What are the best Meme hashtags for Instagram in 2022?

In this part, we have categorized the best meme hashtags for you to find the most suitable and related ones based on your need and use them. So if you are interested in finding the target audiences or want to see the best memes in your feed, you can check them out.

Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022

The most Popular Hashtags on Instagram in 2022:


#meme #memes #funny #dankmemes #memesdaily #funnymemes #lol #follow #humor #like #dank #instagram #memepage #dankmeme #TikTok #comedy #lmao #fun #anime #dailymemes #edgymemes #offensivememes #memestagram #bhfyp #instagood #funnymeme #memer #darkhumor #haha #lmao #savage #wholesomememes


#shitpost #funnyvideos #explorepage #followforfollowback #jokes #viral #haha #likeforlikes #art #f #YouTube #memesespa #memeita #explore #gaming #covid #minecraft #likes #memez #laugh #followme #edgy #trending #life # #dankmemesdaily #gamer #cute #k #comedy # funnyvideos #viralmemes #memeaccount

These are the best and the most popular meme tags on Instagram, and you can write them in your Instagram caption and your first comment to boost your engagement. If you don’t know how to use these useful tags, we have brought you some tips that you can look up and get some clues.

Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022

How to Choose the Right Meme Hashtags for Your Instagram Posts?

You can connect your content to a specific topic, community, category, or conversation using hashtags. If you want to know more about hashtags, you can check this article to get more information.

But if you are too lazy to read another paper, here is the gist of the information about the Instagram hashtag guidance, we have mentioned before!

  • To use hashtags to enhance your Instagram strategy, ensure your account is public.
  • Keep your hashtags in the caption section, brief, and easy to remember. Do not put too many words together in a row in the caption.
  • Use the Limit amount of hashtags on one specific post. Don’t forget this, quality>quantity.
  • Try not to use any other punctuation, spaces, or other symbols in the using hashtag.

Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022

Why are these little tags so important?

Some Instagram users might think if they use hashtags, no matter what, their post will act successfully on this platform. But they are mistaken! You need to follow a remarkable #Hashtag Strategy if you want to first get on the explore section and second reach the target audience.

Why are we emphasizing the importance of Instagram hashtags? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Your post, which includes a tag, will be public to anyone searching that hashtag.
  2. Users can follow Instagram hashtags. It means your content could show up on the users’ feed, although they don’t follow you.
  3. Hashtags are a way to create a community of other Instagram users, which can lead to enhance your brand, page, and audience.
  4. If you use hashtags on your “stories,” it will make it possible for your story to show up in the related hashtags.

Best Meme Hashtags for Instagram in 2022

Should you write Instagram hashtags in the post or your first comment?

To be honest, it is recommended you put the bulk of the chosen tags in your post’s first comment. This will allow the readers to focus more on your caption and avoid distracting, while still, your post will be discoverable to other users and hashtags categories.

This is an effective trick to achieve a clean look. Put the hashtags in your comment and clean the caption area!

Bringing up rear

You can use these top meme hashtags on your Instagram posts and stories and other social media like: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. These are the most popular memes tags that will bring you more audience and even more followers if they are appropriately used.

Memes are always a trending topic, so if you want other users to see your content even if they are not following you, use these tags and make them to their feeds.


If you have any questions on this topic, please share them with us in the comment section. Do you know any other hashtag tricks that we didn’t mention? If so, please write them in the section below.

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