Instagram Updates: Merging Videos into Reels on Instagram |Announced by Adam Mosseri


Most recently, you heard so many updates and news about the features on Instagram. We have decided to put all of them together and tell you what is going on in the new updates and the Instagram managers’ plans for the next year.

As you know, many people these days are using Instagram, which is one of the most significant apps on our phones. People use this visual platform for personal or business purposes.Instagram

But as you can notice, there have been so many changes on Instagram, and this app has evolved and been through different phases to become the way it is right now.

Again in my idea, this app is going through some changes, and it is changing its phase again. Adam Mosseri, the manager of Instagram, has shared a post about the changes and updates on this app.

He wrote 4 features which are:

  1. Reels Video Merge
  2. Reels Templates
  3. Remix Improvements
  4. Dual Camera

We will discuss this topic here and right now, and we want to know how Instagram will look in the following years.

Let’s dive into this exciting topic.

Merging Videos into Reels on Instagram

  • Instagram is Moving its Videos to Reels in the new updates

This app is testing merging all its videos to reels to improve video access. Instagram hasn’t stated how these changes are going to affect the videos.

The Gram primarily continues to grow the short-form of content. Focusing on Reels more than other formats is a massive step.

If you do business on this app, you need to know these changes and updates, so you can manage to share your content in the new formats in 2022.

Looking at Instagram as a photo-sharing app is not recommended anymore. As you see, Instagram has already changed and become something more than a photo-sharing platform.

The change has begun with merging all video formats, including video messages, stories, the former IGTV, and the reels, into the short video Reels in the coming year. In other words, things will be “Consolidate” on this app.

Instagram is Moving its Videos to Reels in the new updates

Adam Mosseri stated, “People need to understand how Instagram works.”

The next update that has been added on Instagram is “Reels Template.” Let’s see how it works.

  • What are the Reels Templates on the Instagram app? (New Update)

If you have updated your app to the latest version, you can head to the IG Reels feed by clicking the middle button in the center of your Instagram app screen.

Scroll, and you find a clip you like to imitate and create your own version of it. You might see the “Use template” option above the creator’s username, and if you do, use that to use the template and create Reels more quickly and more straightforwardly.

But not all of the reels that are shared are available as templates. And if you don’t have this option yet, don’t hesitate! It is a brand new option that will be available for every user ASAP!

  • What are the Remix Improvements on Instagram? (Feature Update)

Don’t be distracted by the name! We already have a feature like this on Instagram, but now it has been expanded. When a user shares a video with Remixing enabled, other Instagram users can create their own version to interact with the creator’s video.

What are the Reels Templates on the Instagram app? (New Update)

This impressive feature, the Remix option, can be used on an existing reel shared by a user by tapping on the three dots on the video and tapping on the Remix option.

This feature will work for Reels and all the video content users share on this platform. Remix feature is a new collaboration tool that will be so helpful in creating and sharing content and engaging users. Instead of a side-by-side video, add your clip following the Reel.

  • Instagram introducing Dual Camera or Dual record

What is a dual camera? The dual camera allows Instagram Users to record videos using their phone’s rear and front camera at the same time with the Dual feature that has been added to the Instagram camera.

It is excellent if you want to record something exciting and, at the same time, you want to show your reaction. So you can start streaming on this app!

Instagram introducing Dual Camera or Dual record

How can you create a Dual Video?

In the following part, we have added the steps to create a dual video on this app:

  1. Head to your Instagram account and on your feed, tap the Plus icon at the top.
  2. From the menu, select Reel.
  3. On your screen’s left side, you’ll see some icons. Tap the down arrow to all the options.
  4. Select the Dual camera icon that is labeled.
  5. Tap the record button to record your video

After the recording is done, edit your video and add effects and filters if you want to make it attractive or if it is needed.

What will be the time and length of the new-shared videos on Instagram?

What are the video limits on the new option? In the upcoming weeks, if you share a video in less than 15 minutes, it will be shared as a reel. But the videos that users have already shared will remain as videos, and their format won’t change.

Instagram updates: Merging Videos into Reels on Instagram

Notably, Reels shared by public or business accounts will be recommended more, show more, and be more visible on Instagram. The Aspect Ratio for Instagram reels is 9:16, as you might already know.

In essence

These were some new and upcoming updates to our favorite app. The manager of Instagram has introduced four updates that will be added to the app in one or two weeks. We have Reels Video Merge, Reels Templates, Remix Improvements, and Dual Camera in the new Instagram version.

As a business owner on Instagram, you need to be familiar with these features and share content in these new formats to be seen and discovered more.

As Mosseri mentioned, this visual application will show the reel videos more.


If you have any comments regarding these new features and updates, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. We want to know your opinions.

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