How to Send Disappearing Photos or Videos on Instagram Direct? +Easy Methods


This is one of the newest features that Instagram has added to its Direct messages! As you know, Instagram users love the direct section and use it daily to keep up with their friends and find new followers.

Also, it is an excellent way for a business account to communicate with their customers more directly. On the other side, customers can ask any questions from their followed business accounts.

The Instagram direct section allows users to communicate and connect worldwide. You can even share videos or photos with your followers on IG direct.

Furthermore, you can send disappearing content like photos or videos as a message. When a user opens that photo or video, the message will no longer be visible in their chat box unless you have permitted them so they can replay your message.

How to Send Disappearing Photos or Videos on Instagram Direct

If you want to know how to send disappearing messages on Instagram, stay with us till the end. We want to go through this topic and elaborate on it completely.

How can you send disappearing photos and videos on Instagram?

It is unnecessary for all the messages you send on the direct section to stay forever! Of course, users like to keep all the chats they have sent, and also they can delete the messages manually, but that’s time-consuming.

This is where the ability to send disappearing photos or videos comes into the scene. Such messages will expire automatically after the person sees them. We have mentioned two ways to send disappearing photos and videos on Instagram direct.

How you can send a disappearing photo or video on Instagram direct:

  1. log in to your Instagram account on your phone.
  2. Then, go to the main feed, and tap on the “messages” icon in the top right of the screen.
  3. You can:
  4. Choose the “camera” icon next to the group or username of the user you want to send a disappearing photo/video.
  5. Tap on the “search” option, and find the username of the person you are searching for.
  6. Finally, select the “camera” handle.
  7. Tap on “new message” to send a new group message, select the people you want to send it to, and tap “chat.”
  8. Put your finger on the “camera” icon.
  9. Tap the circle and click a photo or make a video at the bottom of your screen.
  10. Now, choose to add effects. You have three options:

How to Send Disappearing Photos or Videos

Choose “view once” to allow the IG user or group receiving your photo or video to only view it once.

Or, Choose “allow replay” to loop your shared content and to allow the IG user to replay your shared photo or video before it disappears.

Select “keep in chat” to hold a preview image of the content in the chat. In the end, tap on the “send” option and share your video/photo.

These are the steps you can take to send disappearing messages whenever you want, but there are some points to consider. Which are:

  • You can just send disappearing photos or videos to users who follow you or have already approved messages from you.
  • Other photos or videos, for example, posts and stories, will not disappear. You can’t send them as one of your disappearing messages so that they will be visible in the conversation.

After following all the mentioned processes, if you want to send a photo or video that gets deleted automatically, ensure you have selected the “View once” option.

How to Send Disappearing Photos or Videos

You can tap on “Allow Replay” to allow the other person to replay the message at least once after they have seen it.

If you don’t want your photos and videos to be sent as disappearing messages, select the “Keep in chat” option. After you have sent the disappearing message, even you won’t be able to re-watch.

  • Use Vanish Mode to send disappearing messages

Instagram Vanish mode lets the users have a temporary chat where all the messages will automatically disappear, not only photos and videos. Messages will be gone after you close the chat window and the other person sees them.

You can send multiple disappearing photos and videos using this feature. If you want to learn how to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram, check the mentioned link to find more about this fantastic feature.

How to Send Disappearing Photos or Videos

In the main

Disappearing messages are beneficial for Instagram users. You can use this option following the steps mentioned above and send photos and videos, which will be gone after seeing them.

You can also unsend photos and videos sent using Disappearing or Vanish modes. For this purpose, tap and hold your finger on the message and hit the Unsend option.

Instagram is an addictive app in its nature. This is predictable because this popular app has features that help all the users to communicate more and in various ways.


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