What’s New on Instagram in 2022? [The New Updates in early 2022]


It is just the 3rd month of 2022, and Instagram is releasing new updates almost weekly! So we decided to gather them in one place and see which one is most favorite and most used among the Instagram users.

This year, the Instagram aim is to focus on video-based content and take care of young people and professional accounts.

It is evident from the updates that Instagram is focusing on these 3 elements and wants to make a smoother experience for its users.

If you want to be up-to-date on Instagram, knowing these features will be a significant help. No matter if you have a private or professional account, you need to know what these features are and how they work.

So let’s dive in and know all the details about the new Instagram feature.

What are the New Updates on Instagram in 2022?

What are the New Updates on Instagram in 2022?

In the following section, we have brought some of the best features on Instagram in early 2022. As you know, there are so many big and small updates that Instagram has announced this year. So if you want to know all of them, it is better to read this till the end.

  1. Enhanced Tags

Using this feature, you can give credit to all people who have helped you create your post. If you have shared a photoshoot on your page, you can tag your makeup artists, designer, and photographer, in your post.

In this way, you can make it easier for your followers to recognize your partners as creators and find new opportunities.

Do you want to use this fantastic feature? Follow the steps below:

  • Open Instagram, then create a new Post and hit “Next.”
  • Make any changes and then tap on “Next.”
  • After adding a great caption, tap on “Tag People.”
  • Choose “Add Tag” to search and find your partners.
  • Tap on “Show Profile Category” to show the creator category.
  • Finally, hit “Done.”

What’s New on Instagram in 2022

All you have to do is hit the “Share.” this will help professional accounts help and support each other and make the giving credit process easier.

  1. Creating Avatars

About this update, Instagram Avatar, we have discussed earlier. This was one of the funniest updates on Instagram, and you can read more about it on this page.

As you know, since the advent of Meta Company, Instagram has changed a lot. This was one of the first updates regarding this revolution, so users were very interested.

  1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are the best way to know that the income for the creators will be dependent on their content. This feature is presently being rolled out to some users and will soon expand to more Instagram creators.

There are 3 types of subscriptions:

  • Lives: going live only with their subscribers.
  • Stories: will be marked, so subscribers will know that they are shared solely for them.
  • Badges: subscribers will get a badge in order for creators to differentiate them in direct and comments.

What are the New Updates on Instagram in 2022?

  1. Schedule your Lives on Instagram

This is available for some time on Instagram. And users are able to separate Instagram Lives from their Stories or Posts and schedule them on their profile. Followers will be able to receive notifications the moment live has been started.

  1. Chronological order of the feed

We have also talked about the chronological feed in one of our papers. Instagram will have three different orders for the feed section. It is for users to choose which one they prefer and are comfortable with.

This is amazing for users who don’t want to miss the important content on their feed. It is the best idea to personalize the Instagram feed section.

These were 5 of the best Instagram updates in 2022. As you can see, Instagram is unstoppable in releasing new features, and it has more ideas that we have to wait for till the end of this year.

What’s New on Instagram in 2022? [The New Updates in the early 2022]

Instagram has changed a lot and will change more shortly. So for our business and our growth, we have to know all the little things that change on this practical application.

What kind of users should pay attention to the new Instagram updates?

Brand owners, creators, and professional accounts seeking more success on this popular platform have to keep their ears to the ground. This is the only way they can hold their page up-to-date and use most of the new features of Instagram.

Summing up

In this writing, we have taken a look at the newest Instagram features and updates in early 2022. There are top 5 amazing and useful features that will help creators and even personal users use Instagram more smoothly.

Instagram has created an excellent opportunity for its users to grow and expand their accounts and introduce their brand worldwide.


In your opinion, which of these updates are more advantageous? And which one do you use the most? Please make a conversation below in the comments.

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