How to Watch Instagram Video Full Screen in 2022? (+Full-screen IG Feed)


Instagram is changing the way people can share and see the content on this platform. At first, you could only share just photos on IG, then after a while, Instagram added the video-sharing feature, and this was the beginning of the revolution.

After adding the stories and reels feature on Instagram, this app started to change. The Instagram application has become a tremendous content-sharing social media, and most business owners and marketers are doing their business on this platform.

So there is no wonder that Instagram has changed this much. Recently the head of Instagram. Adam Mosseri has announced that there will be a full-screen feature for all the content on Instagram.

This is great news for professional accounts because they have the whole screen representing their products and services. Now let’s look a step closer to Instagram testing a fully-integrated home feed.

How to Watch Instagram Video Full Screen in 2022

This is a good start to bring up the issue of why some people can’t watch the Instagram videos in full size and how to watch the IG videos in full size. So let’s start.

How to watch Instagram video full screen in 2022?

If you want to see Instagram videos in full size, here we have brought how to view Instagram post videos in full size:

How to do so:

  1. Head to your Instagram, and go to your feed section.
  2. Scroll down to find a video post.
  3. If it is not complete in size, tap on the video to open it completely.
  4. If you tapped on the video and it muted the voice, tap on the lower right side of the video.
  5. Now you can watch the Instagram video on full screen.

This is the way you can make all the Instagram videos full screen and watch them in a great size. As we mentioned earlier, Instagram focuses on making full-screen videos, so you need to wait to see this version of Instagram.

How to Watch Instagram Video Full Screen in 2022

Why are Instagram videos not full screen for some users?

There are some reasons why some Instagram videos may not be the full screen for users. One possibility is you have set the app to a “Standard” mode view instead of the “full screen” mode. To change it to full-screen mode, tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

If you’re an iPhone user, the other possibility might be that your device isn’t able to play Instagram videos in a full-screen mode.

How can you make videos fit on Instagram?

There are some different ways to make videos fit on Instagram. One way is to make the video in square size and make it the same size as a photo. The other way is to make the video landscape and share it the same size as regular videos.

Can you stop Instagram from cropping shared videos?

The cropping of the Instagram videos is due to some factors such as the dimensions and the aspect ratio regarding the Instagram standards. So there is no solid answer to this question.

How to Watch Instagram Video Full Screen in 2022

Why are some Instagram videos zoomed in?

There could be a few explanations for why some of the Instagram videos are zoomed in. One reason is that a user may have accidentally zoomed in while recording that video.

The other possibility is that Instagram might have automatically zoomed in on the content to make it more visible on some smaller screens. If you want to change the zoom level, you can adjust the settings on your phone device.

Do you know what the video size limit for the IG videos is?

The maximum video size for Instagram is 1080p.

Full-screen videos on Instagram: the upcoming feature:

Due to the displaying all clips one at a time in full-screen, everything Instagram users do while viewing that content can be used to measure that specific video content.

If you “Like” a clip, or if you watch it all the way through till the end, if you play it twice or swipe back to the video again, all these responses are specific to that content, and these are valuable for the content owner.

How to Watch Instagram Video Full Screen in 2022

Instagram wants to use this remarkable ability to level up its accuracy in determining the elements of the users’ interest in each video.

To wrap it up

In This part, we talked about how you can watch the IG videos in full size and full screen. Also, we mentioned some valuable information about the upcoming Instagram feature: Full-screen videos on Instagram.

This information is a must-know for all Instagram users interested in using this platform more professionally. So whether you are a business manager or an influencer, or you are just a regular user, this information will assist you in acting better on this content-sharing platform.


We would be glad to answer you if you have any questions regarding this topic, so feel free to question us anything in the comments below.

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