The Instagram “Subscription” Feature For Creators: Make Money Easier


Instagram has become an indispensable tool for business owners. This platform tries to provide features for creators and make a smooth platform for them.

Since many users are making money through Instagram, it is not surprising that the managers of this app are trying to create better opportunities for them.Instagram

As you know, you couldn’t make money directly from Instagram in the past. Unlike YouTube or other apps, with this new feature, the “Instagram Subscription,” you can earn more money and have a great platform to organize your business. Yes, I know you are curious about this new feature.

In this paper, we want to introduce you to the “Paid Subscription” feature on Instagram and see how it works and how you can utilize it.

How can you set up Instagram subscription? Is it possible to add subscribe button on Instagram?

I personally love this one; why? After the pandemic, lots of businesses become online. Fitness coaches, teachers, and all the people who were holding classes started to continue their classes and courses online.

The Instagram Subscription Feature For Creators

The subscription feature provides special access for followers who want to participate in your online activities and have paid you. If you are confused, let me elaborate more on this in the following part. Stay tuned.

What is The Instagram Subscription Feature, and how does it work?

With the Instagram Paid Subscription feature, you can “subscribe” to your favorite creator and get exclusive content, on the live or story section, just for you. AMAZING!

We will tell you if you are a creator and want to see how Instagram Subscription Feature will work. It works with just 2 simple steps.

  • First: If you are a Creator, you need to choose how much your followers or “Subscriptions” charge per month to see the content.
  • Second: If you are following your favorite creator and want to use its exclusive content, tap on the “Subscribe” button on their profile to subscribe for more.

What do you get as a subscriber?

You can access content that is only for you and subscribers like you. If you are curious about how the content will be, these are the options:

  1. Subscriber Stories: Creators will be able to make stories just for their subscribers.
  2. Subscriber Lives: You can watch Instagram Lives that creators only share with subscribers. This can be remarkable for coaching classes, other classes, and tutorial sessions.

Are there others? I’m afraid not. Creators can’t post usual posts for their subscribers. Subscription ability is activated only on Stories and Lives, but it can be so much more than this shortly.

The Instagram Subscription Feature For Creators

How much do subscribers have to pay for the Instagram Subscription?

Instagram won’t decide on this; it is up to creators how much they want to charge. This feature benefits everyone, whether you are the creator or a simple user.

Creators with 1000 followers can also use this fantastic feature and make money on Instagram.

If you don’t know how you can use the Subscription feature, we brought some ideas for you and your account:

  1. Private business coaching, life coaching, social media coaching.
  2. Private fitness classes, dance classes, painting classes, photography classes, and many other online courses.
  3. Tutorial classes and so on.

Just based on your account and your activity, you can make money from the Subscription feature. What are you waiting for if your followers are eager to participate? This is the one for you and your business, so use it and make perfection.

One of the frequently asked questions is whether Instagram collects fees from the creators or subscriptions. Well, the answer is NO.

Instagram won’t collect anything from the creators or subscriptions anytime soon. But if we get any new news, we will share it here with you.

The Instagram Subscription Feature For Creators

Everything considered

Instagram is testing this feature, so we have to wait and see how it actually works and then use it to expand our business and career on this creative and practical app.

We talked about the Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators in the above section and discussed it. Also, we mentioned some ideas about how you can use them for your benefit.


We told you our opinion on this update, and now it is your turn to tell us what your opinion about this topic is. Is it helpful or not? We are waiting to hear from you.

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