The Chronological Feed is Back on Instagram: A New Update in 2022


We are here again for the new upcoming updates of Instagram. Instagram, as it has promised, is going to return to the chronological Feed.

As you know, this platform releases so many updates over months to improve efficiency and make it easy to use for all Instagram lovers and users.

So, here we are discussing the latest upcoming update that Adam Mosseri has announced himself.

On his Instagram account, the head of Instagram added that they are bringing back the previous version of the Feed but more functional.

The Chronological Feed is Back on Instagram: A New Update in 2022

How will be the new Feed?

The feed section will have 3 options to choose from, Home, Favorite, and Following.

Now, what are they based on?

  • Home: the home is the current Feed version, with the same algorithm and organization.
  • Favorite: this part is for the accounts that you like the most, and you don’t want to miss their content. It can be your families, friends, and the account where you want to see all their posts.
  • Following: this section is the last version of the Feed. It is the chronological one. Here, posts are organized based on the time that they have been posted.

Many users wanted this feature to be back, so here it is. Instagram has proved that it hears the users’ needs and cares.

So with this 3 sections, you can have access more to the shared content, and you will never miss the post you like.


Instagram always tries to make its users satisfied and safe. The Head of Instagram always mentions that their main priority is paying attention to the users’ desires.

So it is not surprising that this feature is going to be back shortly.

We are expecting more updates and news in the upcoming weeks. If we find anything new, we will share it with you ASAP!


What do you think about the chronological Feed? Do you like it, or do you prefer using the current version of the main page on Instagram?

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