Facebook Changed Its Company’s Name To METAVERSE


Nowadays, Facebook is far away from being just a social network platform, and everyone knows this. Because of stepping on another path, they’ve decided to change their company’s name.

This change will help them go beyond what they have wanted, as Mark Zuckerberg wishes and ambitions.

“Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said the company changed its name to Meta to reflect growth opportunities beyond its namesake social-media platform in online digital realms known as the metaverse.

FACEBOOK NAME CHANGED TO META“Over time, I hope our company will be seen as a metaverse company,” Mr. Zuckerberg said on Thursday.

He unveiled the name, formally Meta Platforms Inc., for the company that also includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other products during Facebook’s annual developer event, where he detailed his vision for the metaverse that he sees as key; to the tech giant attracting younger users.”

Facebook from now on will be Meta platform Inc., and the abbreviation name would be changed to MVRS.

This company will be focused on being a mixed-reality platform. Mr. Zuckerberg said: “it is important to move forward, even if mistakes are made along the way.”

The plans

The company has introduced Oculus-branded virtual-reality headsets, and it joined with Ray-Ban to develop intelligent sunglasses. New gadgets are in development, Mr. Zuckerberg said.

There are still many questions about the company and its plans for the future.

Still, it is another level of technology and developing the old video connections to the mixed-reality ones.

Of course, it is just one of the goals of this ambitious company, and we have to wait for the subsequent updates to find out more about the future of virtual communication.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com)

What is your opinion about these changes? How do you predict the future of Facebook? Would you please share your thoughts with us in the comment section?

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