Like Feature for Instagram Stories Without Sending DMs


It seems that Instagram wants to test “likes” for the story section. At the moment, you can respond to them just with emoji responses.

And the creators receive the action in their direction. Also, it has a comment section where you can write whatever you want. But the like feature might be something different. As we already told you, the stories are as important as the posts reveal in the feed.

Some users might not even have the time to scroll through the feed, but they won’t miss the stories of their favorite accounts for sure.

Instagram appears to be close to launching a test of likes on Stories, preparing an easy, swift way to react to a Story.

This would be very welcoming to the users who have the most followers because they won’t face thousands of responses in their comment section when they post a story.

This option might be just like the posts’ likes, and it may be placed between the text box and the share paper plane icon. We guess that the number of likes will be shown and appear for the creators themselves and won’t be shown in public as the number of the “seen.”

The reason is we have less space on the stories than posts, so it shouldn’t be too crowded. The question is, do the like option have an upbeat affair on the story’s engagement?

What are the consequences of adding “Like Feature” on Instagram?

Adding this change might be that Instagram wanted to reduce the competence to increase public posts’ likes.

Some users might consider “likes” as a scale for evaluating the posts, and for that, this platform wanted to reduce the significant attention of the posts.

On the other hand, it might increase the importance of stories more than before. There are lots of users who think that Instagram’s stories are not that important.

But another question will pop into our minds, and that is why Instagram is removing likes on posts and adding them to the stories?

Let us discuss the other rumor about future updates of Instagram:

On the other side, Instagram wants to give users the ability to customize their home feed. How? Let us explain:

You can choose between 3 options: Home, favorite, following. And your home feed will be designed upon what did you have selected. It will show the posts of the category that you have selected.

If you are thinking: “what will be the favorite part?” This might be another upcoming feature that seems it has activated for some particular users.


All of these are some guesses about the upcoming features, options, and updates of Instagram. We have to wait for their experimental test and see what are they looked like and what opportunities they offer us.

We don’t know when they will be released yet, but we will write about them on goinstagram, and explain more about their options, and abilities as soon as the update has launched.

What do you think about these upcoming features? Do you think the “like” ability would be suitable for stories? Please share your ideas and guesses about them.

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