How to Delete one Photo From Multiple Photos on Instagram: “Carousel Deletion”


Instagram, this popular platform, has so many features and tool to create and share your content in the best way. ­­If we say that Instagram is announcing new features and updates every week, we are not exaggerating.

This week, Adam Mosseri has announced 2 handy features for Instagram users. We will discuss each and analyze the advantages and disadvantages. (If they have any disadvantages!)

The first one is “carousel deletion.” He calls it a “Finally Feature.” it is a tool that helps delete a picture in multiple posts. So you don’t need to delete the entire post to just delete a single photo from your post. Carousel deletion can be called the best update so far, because it is so handy.

How to Delete one Photo From Multiple Photos on Instagram

Delete a single picture from a carousel post on Instagram

Do you want to delete one photo from the carousel on Instagram? Here we have some steps you can do without deleting the whole post. Isn’t it amazing?

Consider this situation that you have posted multiply photo posts, and you want to delete one of them:

  1. Navigate to your post and tap on the three dots in the upper-right.
  2. Now, you have to choose the “Edit.”
  3. On each photo in your post, it will appear a little delete tag.
  4. With tapping on them, you will be able to delete the desired photo.

In the past, you couldn’t edit a post and delete one of the pictures. This is an excellent chance in the editing part of the post that you can use whenever you change your idea about a photo. You get rid of deleting the entire pack and repost it again.

Now that you have come so far, you might see a little tag in the lower-right side of the photo, which is “Alt Text.” although this feature is now new, but let’s find out more about it.

How to Delete one Photo From Multiple Photos on Instagram

What is an Alt text on Instagram?

Alt-text is an explanation that identifies the concept of your image and allows the screen readers to narrate your photos to blind or visually impaired users. You can add whatever you want, related to your picture, in that part.

What is Rage Shake ability, and how can we use it?

Another update that Instagram’s manager has been announced is “rage shake.” It is available both for iOS and Android devices but only in the US just for now.

This feature gives you the ability to shake your phone when you face a problem and want to report it. With this feature, the image-sharing service allows you to quickly flag issues while using this application.

After activating this feature on your device, you won’t be bothered to report an issue or any bug on Instagram, shake your phone, and after that, the request will pop up on your phone.

Facebook itself has this feature, you have to activate it from the setting part, so it is not surprising that they expand this to the other platform.

Final discussion

These were 2 other new features on Instagram that the head has recently announced. The ability for omitting a single photo in multiple photos on Instagram, which is called “Carousel Deletion,” and the rage shake in case you face a problem.

Which one do you find more handy and beneficial?

What do you think about the future updates? And by the way, do you know any visually impaired person that right now is using Instagram?

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