Parental Control & Playback: New Features of Instagram


In recent days, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has announced a new feature called “Parental Control,” which will release in March next year.

In a video that Adam posted on Instagram 6 days ago, he explained the parental control feature and how it works.

Parental Control New Features of Instagram

Let’s see, what is Instagram parental control?

This update is a feature for parents to control and observe their teens on Instagram, as its name represents.

This will allow parents to be conscious of their teens’ exploring time on this platform. Besides that, parents can set screen limits for time spent to control their children.

Teenagers could alert their parents if they reported someone on Instagram. It is, although optional.

There is no necessity to activate all these options, and these are obligatory.

Parents can’t change their teens’ accounts to a restricted experience, but they might block some access to the search part. As well as features like who has seen their content or comment and message them.

These are not available right now, but Instagram will add more features to this update.

Screen limits are available on this platform for everyone. This is a perfect feature for those who cannot control their time limitation and need someone to remind them!

This platform tries to keep all people, especially teens, safe during their exploration and provide a pleasant experience using the app and its features.

Another feature of this unreleased update is that it won’t let other people, except their followers, tag or mention teens under posts.

Instagram launches its first tool for guardians and parents early next year to assist them in getting more involved in their teens’ activities on Instagram.

Since teenagers are more sensitive at this age, their parents can be a good protector for them.

Acknowledge this fact that you can’t have access to your teen’s account. It is against Instagram privacy and policies; these are some limited and controlled accesses.

We cannot say how they might be, and we have to wait until March and the update release.

Note that all users above ages 13 are considered authorized account holders, and no one can deny or take their authority.

Let’s move on to the additional feature that is available on Instagram right now, which is: Playback!

Instagram playback

What is Instagram playback?

This is like reviewing the year by Instagram. Playback allows you to relive the stories you posted in the last year.

Instagram shows 10 of your stories, but you can change them based on the ones you like the most.

As we reach the end of 2021, users will see an invitation to create playback while entering the app.

Same as other options of Instagram, playback surely will be welcomed, but it is surprising why it didn’t announce top 9 posts like the last year.

Instagram tries to satisfy all types of users in any age with its new and useful features and updates.

So in the early next year, be prepared for parental control and other features that the company has not mentioned.

In the end

According to speeches of its head, Instagram is trying to provide more options for all the users’ safety and comfort.

They have added that this company won’t stop creating and giving ideas and releasing updates for Instagram lovers to easily and smoothly use this fantastic app.

I haven’t seen other apps take care of their users’ mental health this much and with every update.

parental control on Instagram


We have to wait for the next ones to see what the following features are and how we can use them, or are they going to help us operate the app properly.

Indeed, We will give more information about using this feature as soon as it is released next year.


What do you think about parental control on Instagram? Do you believe it is necessary to observe and have some access to your teen’s account?

Please write your thoughts for us in the comments below.

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